Guiding you through your musical endeavour

Are you crazy about acoustic guitars?

Have you ever been inspired listening to the strums of the guitar? You would sure make a strumming action with your hands and tap your foot while listening to songs that include guitars in them. Are you highly motivated to learn the guitar?

In the guitar classes at Sri Raghavendra School of Music, I will train you in the basics of guitar, such as finger exercises and chords, then simple songs, followed by Indian music, including popular Kannada and Hindi film songs. You would be on a pedestal!

Play your own tunes with the keyboard!

Do you have a fancy for keyboards? It has gained immense popularity in many musical orchestras.

The compact and easy-to-carry electronic keyboard has replaced its predecessor, the large piano.

Join Sri Raghavendra School of Music and discover your potential in playing the keyboard through elaborate training! You will soon be able to impress your audience with melodious keyboard tunes that you play with your nimble fingers.

Provide soothing tunes with flute

You are sure to get a soothing feeling when you listen to the flute - be it a solo performance or a part of an orchestra.

You would visualise an expanse of greenery with tall trees, with the snow-covered mountains in the background as you listen to a flute recital.

This air instrument has been part of classical as well as jazz and other types of music too.

Discover your flair for the flute through training and practice at Sri Raghavendra School of Music.

Regale your audience with Tabla

Enhance your flair for Hindustani classical music and light music by learning the Tabala, a widely-used percussion instrument.

I will train you in Tabala starting with the basic Taals, or rhythms, to make your fingers and palms feel accustomed to rhythmically stroking the Tabala.

Once you get familiar with the advanced learning phases of the Tabala, you can be confident of participating in recordings andconcerts.


Take your first step into music today

Whichever instrument you opt to learn, I will ensure you get the notes and rhythms right in each phase of the training.

Practice is very essential for all the instruments, to get rhythm, control and speed.

All you need is willingness and commitment to strive to get the notes right — that is possible with practice and perseverance.

Remember — there is no limit to perfection in music!

You can study and get the subject right; you can write some lines of software code right and get your application running and feel completely satisfied. However, in music, you keep striving to innovate without reaching a plateau.

Music Classes:

I, Prakash S. V., train students in guitar, keyboard, Tabla and flute. The age of 10 to 12 years is just  right for students to start learning music. 

Contact me for further details.